Si la caruta si la teleguta (III)

“A million years before man they grazed the vast empty plains, living by voices only they could hear. They first came to know man as the hunted knows the hunter. Before he used horses for his labors, he killed them for meat. The alliance with man would forever be fragile. For the fear he struck deep into their hearts was too deep to be dislodged. Since that neolithic moment when a horse was first haltered, there were those among men who understood this. They could see into the creature’s soul and sooth the wounds they found there. The secrets uttered softly into troubled ears. These men were known as the Whisperers.”  The Horse Whisperer

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Turcia: what just happened !?


CIA Superior: What did we learn, Palmer?
CIA Officer: I don’t know, sir.
CIA Superior: I don’t fuckin’ know either. I guess we learned not to do it again.
CIA Officer: Yes, sir.
CIA Superior: I’m fucked if I know what we did.
CIA Officer: Yes, sir, it’s, uh, hard to say.
CIA Superior: Jesus Fucking Christ.

(Burn After Reading – 2008)

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Fortificatiile intr-un sistem (II)

Calvin & Hobbes snow forts

Premiantul/tocilarul elvetian

Tara vacutelor mov, a ceasurilor si a imprumutorilor scumpe este precum tocilarul ala din prima banca, il stiti, cel care nu se joaca si nu-si imparte pachetelul de-acasa cu nimeni: mereu cu batistuta apretata, cu unghiile taiate la milimetru, cu temele facute si cu pantofiorii dati cu crema.

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